Norbert Skwierczynski

Frontend Developer Junior

Thats me

Hello! I'm Norbert, a self-taught Junior Frontend Developer

I invite you to explore my skills set and take a glance at my portfolio, showcasing various projects. Currently, I am actively seeking new challenges and opportunities, evolving in full-stack development. If you have an exciting project in mind, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch! 😊

Additionally, I recently completed the Le Wagon Bootcamp, where I gained valuable skills and expertise in web development. You can explore my Certification and learn more about my journey by visiting the Certification page.


I've acquired valuable skills during my journey and am enthusiastic about showcasing them to you. Explore my abilities below and see what I can do!

Working knowledge

  • — Semantic HTML5
  • — Flexbox
  • — Markdown
  • — JS: Local storage
  • — Figma
  • — CSS grid
  • — Forms
  • — JS: DOM manipulations
  • — SASS
  • — Tailwindcss
  • — Ruby
  • — Ruby on Rails

Know something about

  • — JavaScript ES6 + features
  • — CSS animations
  • — Working with API
  • — NPM Scripts
  • — PWA
  • — Git
  • — Accessibility
  • — React

Want to learn

  • — Node
  • — SSR
  • — TypeScript
  • — Gatsby
  • — WebSockets
  • — Electron
  • — ...and many more 😃

Recent Projects

I began my journey in 2006-2007, getting my first taste of how HTML and CSS work. Unfortunately, I had to pause, but after many years, I am back stronger and filled with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn new codes!

After hours

Beyond my standard work hours, I immerse myself in a variety of activities and passions. Here's a glimpse into how I spend my free time.

Picture of Music


Outside of my regular working hours, I find solace in immersing myself in the world of music.

Marvel vs DC


I am a movies enthusiast who loves to dive into a realm where anything can happen.



"Eleanor, my second greatest love, just look at this beauty."

Traveling picture

Travel with Family

"We share a passion for traveling that extends far beyond the ordinary within our family."

Let's work together

I'm open to new opportunities.
If you have one for me, we should talk!

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